Putin Gifts Car Fanatic Kim Jong-un Fancy Limousine and Go on Joy Ride on North Korea Visit after Signing Mutual Defense Deal

During their meeting on Wednesday, Putin also gifted Kim a Russian Navy dagger and a tea set, which Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov described as "very beautiful" to Russian state media.

What did Putin gift North Korean leader Kim Jong-un? Car, tea sets and a dagger. Putin, who is on his first visit to North Korea in nearly a decade, and Kim Jong-un drove each other around in a Russian-built Aurus limousine on Wednesday, after the Kremlin announced that Putin had gifted one of the luxury cars to Kim.

Kim, known for his passion for cars and extensive collection, beamed as he joined Putin in the limousine and they drove side by side on the highway. They appeared to be driving through a well-kept motor park, and at one point, they stopped to switch places so Kim could take the wheel.

On Top Gear

Putin Kim Jong-un
Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un seen next to the luxury bulletproof limousine gifted to him X

The Aurus limousine is the newest addition to Kim's collection, which already includes several Mercedes, a Maybach limo, and a Rolls Royce Phantom, according to the BBC. In February, Putin presented Kim with his first Aurus limousine, which is the Russian leader's official presidential vehicle.

During their meeting on Wednesday, Putin also gifted Kim a Russian Navy dagger and a tea set, which Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov described as "very beautiful" to Russian state media.

The two leaders did not handle the dagger during their meeting, but they plan to have a tea party in the future, although it's uncertain if the tea set will be used.

In return for these generous gifts, Kim gave Putin artwork that Ushakov described as "very good presents" and "related to [his] image," including several busts.

Ushakov told the Russian state news agency Tass that Kim's gifts to Putin were "rather skillful."

Sings of Mutual Trust

Putin Kim Jong-un
Putin and Kim Jong-un also signed a mutual defense pact and vowed to support each other X

Putin got a warm welcome in Pyongyang on Wednesday, with the two smiling leaders embracing amidst balloons, cheering crowds, and posters bearing their faces scattered throughout the city.

A gala is expected to be organized for the leaders, who had a private meeting for approximately two hours.

During their discussions, Kim expressed "full support" for Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and pledged to enhance diplomatic relations between their two countries.

Kim is believed to be supplying ballistic missiles to help Russia's war efforts, and there is speculation that ongoing meetings could potentially expand the current munitions arrangement.

US and South Korean officials are concerned that, in exchange, Russia may be providing technology to advance North Korea's nuclear program. On Wednesday, both countries signed a mutual defense pact, promising to assist each other in the event of aggression.

"A new axis of evil in the 21st century is continuing to take shape right before our eyes. The agreement between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un promising mutual aid if either faces 'aggression,' but the world already knows who the aggressors are," former Vice President Mike Pence told The Post Wednesday.

"As these new alliances form among the enemies of freedom, America must not shrink from our role as leader of the free world. Now more than ever, we must continue to lead the free world against the aggression and threats of tyrannies in Russia, North Korea, Iran and China."