Pushing the Limits of Success with Frankie Lee

He became a pro boxing trainer and worked at the world title level, which is also something people would see as success.

Frankie Lee

What does it mean to achieve success? For some, it's about following the rules, doing what is expected from them, and getting the outcomes associated with toeing the line. That's perfectly fine for some people. Frankie Lee, the man behind ContentRemoval, tried to do it. He applied himself to a trade, he did the apprenticeship, he found a job in his home country of England. He worked hard and by the age of 20, he started seeing the results.

That's when he changed it all up, sold his belongings, and moved to Australia. He started another business there, and while it did help him achieve some great things, it still wasn't what he wanted. Now, with ContentRemoval, Removed.ai, and a podcast, it's fair to say that Frankie has things figured out. Here are a couple of takeaways from his career that might help others push the limits of success, too.

The Importance of Starting Early

By some standards, what Frankie achieved by the end of his teens was awesome. He worked and saved enough to be able to buy his very own house. That's not a small achievement, even for an English middle-class kid. It just turned out it wasn't what he wanted.

Still, it was good that it happened to him while he was young. His early success, even though it wasn't up to his standards, brought him closer to getting where he is now. He had to earn the belongings he sold to move to Australia somehow. So even when making a mistake, making it early enough gives entrepreneurs more time to recover from it. Also, clouds have silver linings, sometimes in the form of a dollar sign.

Finding the Right Business Model

Frankie's first endeavor after moving to Australia was to open a boxing gym on the Gold Coast. He became a pro boxing trainer and worked at the world title level, which is also something people would see as success. Frankie, however, soon realized that he was making a mistake with the gym the whole time. He made himself a time trap.

Working at the gym didn't make Frankie's location- or time-independent. He had to be there, and he was still trading his hours for money, which wasn't the ideal business model for him. Once again, he decided that his metric for success needed to change and that he needed to start a business that reflected it.

Thinking Big

After he figured out what it takes to get content removed from websites in cases that involve heinous things such as revenge porn, Frankie found a career he can do while maintaining his independence. That would be great except for one thing; he thought he would do it all on his own, as an independent consultant.

Frankie was a victim of thinking small scale. He soon figured out that, in his line of work, he can have a huge impact, but not if he continues thinking small. So he thought big and employed an operations director. Soon, the business had a sales team, marketing, and great partnerships. From then on, he became a big-picture guy who eventually started a podcast to help people define success for themselves and push their limits.