Purgehood Motion Pictures to distribute the Hindi version of an upcoming South Indian film

Purgehood Motion Pictures

Dubbing the hit movies of regional cinema for the masses is a long-followed ritual. However, whether it is a dubbed or an original film, a major part of its success is played by its distributors. Speaking of all these, we are excited to share that Purgehood Motion Pictures has taken the charge of distributing an upcoming South Indian film.

Who doesn't like South Indian films? They are the new craze! Seeing the love for this regional cinema, Purgehood Motion Pictures decided to be the Hindi distributor of the film that stars the most celebrated Tollywood actor who is loved for his versatility. The shooting of the film should be wrapped by this year's end and is expected to make an announcement soon.

With this upcoming film, Purgehood is the first time producing a dubbed version of an original film, and therefore, it could be a big shot for them. In this world of remake films and parodied stories, Purgehood Motion Pictures wanted to bring films that are fresh and truly entertaining. And this particular upcoming movie that they are producing narrates an unheard story with stupefying VFX thus matching Purgehood Motion Pictures' ideology.

We cannot wait to watch this movie and hope that they soon reveal more details about it!

Purgehood Motion Pictures is a Mumbai-based company that is working ceaselessly to take filmmaking to a higher level. With its core competency being creativity, this production house is delivering its best to entertainment buffs. Moreover, Purgehood Motion Pictures has also opened the door of opportunity for rising talents.

With their primary adage of providing the best experience to clients and nothing less, Purgehood Motion Pictures is held in high regard for doing mass production for TV Commercials. It also does service production for feature films, photography, documentary films, music videos and digital films in India.