The Purge: Follow-up horror flick confirmed; date of release announced

The new movie which is most probably the follow-up of The Purge: Election Year will be released on 4 July.

The Purge
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The fans of one of the most popular horror series of recent times, The Purge, can expect something new to come across their way in the next year. According to Uproxx, an upcoming untitled movie, which will be the continuation of The Purge: Election Year, is slated already for the release on July 4, 2018. However, there is no news on the possible plotline of the upcoming film.

According to AsiaStarz, the movie will release on America's Independence Day and people have started speculating that the upcoming horror film is tied to political statements and reality.

Their previous movie too had a strong political commentary laced with extreme violence and it is very likely that the next film will be another commentary, given the current political scenario of the country. Fans are also saying that the film may not necessarily be a sequel; it can be a prequel too.

The writer and director of the movie series, James DeMonaco, hinted that he's interested in making a prequel, reported entertainment website JoBlo. A prequel will actually be a good idea to let the viewers know how everything started in the first place.

The film was a huge success and made a lot of money. The first movie, which had a budget of a $3 million, cashed in $89 million in the box office and it is very likely that the follow-up movie will also do good business.

Fans will have to wait for the rest of the details which are yet to be announced officially.

This article was first published on February 20, 2017