The Punisher season 2 teaser trailer released; is this the final season of the Netflix show?

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Frank Castle is back, but for how long? Netflix just dropped a brand new teaser for The Punisher season 2, but we have to say that we're still on tenterhooks about the show's future. We have a premiere date, but even that is not enough to quell the fear rising among fans who have seen all the Marvel Netflix shows get cancelled one after the other regardless of how well they performed for the streaming service.

The most shocking of all the cancellations was that of Daredevil that had just wrapped a strong third season and it was being reported that there was talk of a season 4. But the show was cancelled. Now, it seems like the only reason that The Punisherwasn't cancelled was because production for season 2 had already wrapped by the time Netflix and Disney decided to part ways. So for all we know, this is the final season of The Punisher on Netflix. The same can be said of Jessica Jones season 3.

It is being reported that in the video, released over social media on New Year's Day, sees Frank holding that official presidential pardon, which he received per his agreement with Homeland Security at the end of last season. His only condition was to essentially disappear. Now he's burning that pardon because, as the tea privacy se goes, it's time to get "back to work."

It is also being reported that in season 2, Frank will be outside of New York traveling across America when he encounters a mysterious grifter, Amy Bendix (Giorgia Whigham). Unable to stand aside and watch a young girl be attacked, he intervenes, thereby entangling himself in the shadowy forces that stalk her. Ben Barnes is also back this season as Billy Russo, a.k.a. comic book villain Jigsaw, though newcomer Josh Stewart will play another antagonist by the name of John Pilgrim, a Christian fundamentalist with a dark rage ready to spring out. You can check out the video here:

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