Pubs In England Could Commence Operations As Early As June 22

Prime Minister Johnson Is Reportedly Working Towards Helping The Country Return To Normalcy By July

As UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson attempts to save nearly 3,500,000 jobs, it was reported on Monday that pubs in England could commence operations as early as June 22.

It was reported over the weekend that Johnson was working towards the returning of normalcy in the country by July. This was after Business Secretary Alok Sharma cautioned that stringent lockdown restriction could lead to a "jobs bloodbath" in the hospitality sector.

Mission To Get Economy Back On Track

In response, he created a group of ministers, branded the 'Save Summer Six', whose mission is to get the economy up and running again within the next month. At present, pubs, bars and restaurants are not due to reopen until at least July 4, but many have been continuing to serve takeaway amid the pandemic, reported Metro.

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The Ministers, including Chancellor Rishi Sunak, are now reportedly aiming for for pubs, restaurants and bars to reopen by June 22. Whitehall sources have confirmed the date is in the works, The Financial Times said in a report.

The hospitality industry has been one of worst-affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with Johnson previously urging people to avoid eating out on March 16. The country was then put into lockdown just one week later.

Restaurants Adapting To New Demands of The Pandemic

Since then, restaurants and bars have been installing see-through curtains, air purifiers and clear plexiglass screens in a bid to protect customers and staff when they do reopen, said the Metro newspaper report.

Trade association UK Hospitality have argued that current social distancing measures will make it hard for businesses to make a profit and cause other related difficulties.

Under current rules, people must keep at least two-metres away from anyone that does not live in their household, which means restaurants will have to restrict their capacity and take in limited customers.

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