PUBG roundup: Holiday skins, 90FPS game

PUBG has come up with a whole new range of costumes in its store

PUBG Mobile is to come up with rousing gameplay soon on select smartphones.

Smartphone SoC maker Qualcomm is leaving no stone unturned to create a buzz on its upcoming chipset Snapdragon 865. Qualcomm, at a tech summit in Hawaii, has hinted at closely working with PUBG developers. As a result, an all-new PUBG version would be introduced with a 90FPS graphics experience. The upcoming PUBG version would also come with enhanced 10-bit HDR support.

With these new features, PUBG players would be able to experience the game with an immersive graphic quality.

Qualcomm has also claimed that its upcoming chipsets Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 865G would support 5G connectivity, 144HZ displays and camera support up to 200MP.

Celebrating the holiday mood, PUBG has come up with a whole new range of costumes in its store. Available for PC and console users only, the holiday costume items can be grabbed before January 1, 2020. The range includes a festive sweater, gingerbread onesie, peppermint presents set and a lot more.

Playerunknown Set of costumes for PlayStation gamers

Celebrating its first anniversary at PlayStation consoles, Tencent is also offering free skins. The costume sets would be provided till December 9 3.59 PM PST.

PUBG bans a slew of cheaters

To boost FairPlay in PUBG, Tencent has again banned a slew of users for playing unethically. Tencent has explained the reasons behind the ban are modification of area damage, alteration of jump distance, modification of jump height, modification of runtime game data, modification of the character model, change of character model, usage of auto-aiming, usage of bullet penetration, usage of in-game data modifier, usage of lawn and tree removal, usage of single point enlargement and usage of virtual apps.

PUBG Ban list
PUBG released a new list of banned players PUBG

PUBG has also stated that the banned list includes 3553 servers from Asia alone. The rest of the prohibited servers include 2092 from Europe. The ban would remain active for the next 10 years.

To make PUBG even better and fair, PUBG has also threatened to release, "randomly select a group banned cheaters and disclose information regarding their ranks, servers, and reasons for the ban."

PUBG unveils new range of holiday skins
PUBG unveils a new range of holiday skins PUBG