PUBG weekly round-up: PUBG Award knocks off, Death Race 'Rage Gear' coming soon

The Rage Gear mode is supposed to be rolled out on December 11. PUBG is supposed to unveil a new update a few days before that

Rejoice PUBG comrades! Here's a weekly round-up explaining everything that happened during the week in the world of PUBG such as updates, new modes, competitions and new announcements from the breeding house of PUBG- Tencent Gaming:

Pubg Award 2019 knocks off in style with 'Aim to Win' challenge

This week Tencent gaming announced the fixture of PUBG Awards 2019. Started from November 27, the PUBG Awards would have four weekly rewards until December 21. The award week kicked off with Melle weapon throwing challenge, where players are asked to show off their skill to throw the melee weapon to knock-off the opponents. The Melle weapon was introduced in PUBG 5.1 update. Players can use machetes, sickles, crowbar and pans as a melee weapon to attack their nemesis.

In the first week of December, PUBG gamers would compete for an event 'I Meant to Do That.' The third challenge 'Just Got My License' would kick off on the second week of December, while the 'Scope Showdown' would start on Thord week of 2019. With the 'Aim to Win' challenge, PUBG has experienced a record success, and the trend is expected to continue until the last week of the event.

Tencent Gaming would pick up the top 50 gamers each week and would facilitate one best gamer out of the list with the PUBG Award 2019 physical trophy, while the rest 49 would get a physical or an in-game t-shirt.

Death race Rage Gear and blind mode coming soon

During the ongoing PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Fall Split global finals, Vincent Wang, General Manager of Global Publishing, Tencent Games teased about a few of the upcoming features of PUBG. The republic of PUBG would soon get a new game mode dubbed 'Rage Gear.' Alongside PUBG would also introduce an all-new mode called color blind mode.

The 'Rage Gear'
Like Team Deathmatch, Rage Gear is supposed to be another death race mode. According to leaks, the Rage Gear mode is supposed to be rolled out on December 11. PUBG is supposed to unveil a new update a few days before that. Following the update, the Rage Gear mode is supposed to get featured in the game in a couple of days. So Tencent might come up with the new update by December 8 or 9.

What's new in the 'Rage Gear?'

The Rage Gear would come up with vehicle-mounted weapons where all you supposed to do is drive your vehicle inside a track to demolish the enemy vehicles. You would get a choice between UAZ, Dacia or the Buggy to select from. Every car would be pre-installed with killer arsenals ranging from rocket launchers to M134 mini-guns.

Beside weapon handling skills, you have to show your driving skills as well to excel in the mode, because the mode won't allow you to get off from the car during an ongoing match. Each team would get a maximum number of three vehicles featuring two players in each of the cars. The 'Death Rage' is supposed to be renamed as Derby Mode during its final release.

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