Wrapping up the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Fall Spirit Grand Finals, Jane Yang, PUBG has announced the roadmap for 2020. Next year, PUBG would come up with a significant world league next year with bounty money worth $5 million. The format would let the pro, semi-pro and amateur PUBG players to participate in the major tournament.

The Pyramid

Jane announced, the tournament would feature amateur PUBG enthusiasts to compete for a country-level campus-level championship and would lead to PUBG Mobile Club Open and Pro League. Jane mentioned the championship would thus form a pyramid-like structure to encourage the PUBG enthusiasts to come up and compete with the pro-players.

Through his marathon 54 minute speech, the PUBG director confirms the upcoming competition in the year 2020 would be arranged in South East Asia, South Asia, and in the United States of America. These tournaments would filter-out the best PUBG warriors for the more significant world-level championship. Registrations for the country-level championships would open early next year.

Bigerton Esports snatched five chicken dinners alongside $1,80,000

A new world champion named Bigerton Esports has emerged. During the PMCO 2019, the Indonesia-based esports teams have demolished its competitors to score a savage 303 points during the three-day competition. With a lead of over 100 points from the runner-up, Bigerton scored five chicken dinners in their 16 games in the final round.

With the victory, the new PUBG world champion has won prize money worth $1,80,000 alongside five chicken dinners. The members of the squad, Muhammad "Ryzen" Albi, Bagus "Luxxy" Prabaswara, Bagas "Zuxxy" Pramudita, and Nizar "MiCROBOY" Lugatio would receive additional prize money of $25,000 for its five chicken dinners.

Bigerton Esports snatched five chicken dinners alongside $1,80,000 screegrab/IBTimes

The fight for the runner-up went on until the last match and grabbed by Top Esports. The third position holder Mega Esports sealed its spot by winning just one point more than the fourth-rank holder illuminate The Murder.

Top Esports, the runner up would get prize money worth $90,000 with an additional $15000 for its three chicken dinners, while the Mega Esports would get prize money of $45,000 besides $10,000 more for its two chicken dinners.

In 2020, PUBG would come up with a major world league next year with bounty money worth $5 million. screegrab/IBTimes