PUB and NParks catch 1.7 m long crocodile at Lower Seletar Reservoir

Green grab from video

Authorities at Lower Seletar Reservoir caught a 1.7 meter-long crocodile on Saturday, February 23. The national water agency PUB stated in a Facebook post that the officials caught the reptile at around 3 am with the help of the National Parks Board (NParks).

The post also added that, as "As an added precaution for public safety, both agencies will continue patrolling activities in Lower Seletar Reservoir next week to ensure no further crocodile sightings."

PUB said that the crocodile, which was identified as an Estuarine crocodile, has been released into the wild.

As per the information, provided by NParks this species, which is also known as the saltwater crocodile is one of the largest crocodiles in the world and it can grow up to five meters.

These crocodiles are expert in hunting after sunset. Even though they target fish mostly, it can also eat mammals, birds and carrion.

PUB said that on February 14 another crocodile was sighted at the same area and since then officers from both agencies had been conducting a daily search as well as night surveillance.

However, it is still known that the crocodile which was caught last Saturday was the same one that was spotted earlier this month or not.

PUB also clarified that the reservoir will remain closed until further notice. PUB has advised park visitors that if they come close to a reptile, then they should not feed, provoke or approach them. In such cases, they were also asked to call PUB on 9632-3261.