Psychic who Predicted Covid-19 Pandemic in 2018 Shares Her Prediction For the Next Few Years

Roxanne Furnival, who shot to the limelight after the spread of Covid-19 pandemic across the world, predicted the virus spread in 2018 through her psychic medium and has now revealed that she saw a vision about the next few years and how it could affect human life on earth.

The 35-year-old psychic hailing from the United Kingdom says she saw the future through tarot card readings and advised people not to book vacations up until the end of 2023. She revealed she could see people wearing masks for the next two years and the virus would continue creating havoc in many countries.

Roxanne Furnival Psychic Predictions Taror Card Reader
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Roxanne says she saw another wave of Covid-19 infections in a much larger scale and the timeline would be in December 2021. According to her readings, the world will see a reduced cases of the virus between July and August and will begin to spike later on with the highest positivity rate in December.

''August is going to be joyful and we will find happiness as we reconnect after lockdown,'' she predicted and continued, ''I wouldn't book any holidays until the summer of 2022 or 2023,'' citing Covid-19 is here to stay for the next two years.

Despite her doom and gloom predictions, Roxanne states that the world will soon enjoy freedom from the virus and live life normally but did not mention the timeline. ''I think Freedom Day will happen, but not as we envisaged it. I get a vision that we'll still have restrictions for at least the next two years,'' she told the Mirror.

Roxanne Predicts World Economy Would Recover After 30 Years

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The spread of Covid-19 has affected economies around the world with millions of people losing their jobs and businesses closing down. Roxanne predicts it would take 30 years for the world to recover financially from the effects of the virus and also predicted there would be civil unrests in many countries due to wide divide between the rich and the poor.

''It's going to take 30 years to recover from the effects of the pandemic,'' she said. "I see a lot of conspiracy theories gaining support and a general feeling of injustice taking over the country. I predict there will be riots and a lot of civil unrest. It's going to be a trying time and I warn people to be mindful of their actions,'' she summed it up.