Proof of alien life? TV host captures UFO image in the midst of storm

Alien and human contact
Alien and human contact (Representational picture) Pixabay

Fernando Figoni, a TV host well known for conducting music shows in Argentina recently captured a startling image which features a UFO in the eye of a storm. According to media reports, Figoni captured this photo from a building's roof to see a brooding storm quickly approaching the city.

Initially, the TV host captured the picture of the storm, but further analysis of the images helped him to find a UFO hurling across the storm clouds. The UFO literally resembles a flying saucer which we have seen in sci-fi movies. As Fernando Figoni is a reputed figure, UFO buffs believe that the image is not faked, and this is an authentic sign of alien life.

Figoni soon posted the images on his Facebook page, and it went viral in no time. In his post, Figoni assured that the strange object which he filmed was not a plane. The images soon reached the fingertips of conspiracy theorists and they strongly claimed that it is an alien UFO came from deep space. The object is bright, and it seems the extra-terrestrials have switched on the lights of the saucer to enhance vision during the storm.

After some hours, Figoni posted another image on his Facebook featuring a UFO, and he claimed that this photo was sent by one of his friends. The image features a UFO flying in front of a passenger plane. However, this image does not seem so authentic, and people suspect that CGI has been used to generate it.

UFO sightings are increasing all around the world post-2017. Some days back, a mysterious globe-like UFO was captured in a camera from an Arizona desert, and the YouTube channel which posted the video stated that it was filmed by police officials who were out for patrolling.

A similar UFO sighting happened in Thailand too, but later it was clarified that it was not a UFO but flying saucer-shaped pod clouds.

This article was first published on January 26, 2018