Product Leader Manoj Suryadevara Emphasizes the Significance of Enriching Data Products and Driving Organizational Growth

There are countless data products in use across the world today. Envisioning, developing, implementing, and monitoring data products on an iterative basis to get the desired result is a skill only product experts like Manoj Suryadevara can strategize and execute.

Data is a complex phenomenon based on organizational product and service needs. Enormous sets of data live in silos within an organization. These data sets, when used concurrently, can provide incredible benefits and insightful results, producing business value for organizations.

Manoj Suryadevara
Manoj Suryadevara

Enterprise technology teams can lean on product experts like Manoj Suryadevara, who comprehend how to make sense of Siloed data and transform disjointed data by building data strategies based on organizational needs. Manoj received his Master's degree in Software Engineering from the University of Houston and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication. Manoj utilizes his vast product and digital transformation experience, working on a range of digital products an enhancing customer experience to generate multi-million dollar revenue for different companies.

Manoj has gained experience from leading technology corporations and is leveraging his knowledge and expertise to build new data products from inception to completion. Also, he exponentially accelerated the growth of various mature products in these companies obtaining value for customers, stakeholders, and business teams. He builds detailed long-term and short- term roadmaps for multiple product teams. Manoj envisioned numerous value-generating opportunities instead of a standardized approach to data. He designed and developed novel methods to make sense of data sets by building personalized data techniques.

Manoj recognized that customer data reaches any organization in a disconnected format. For example, a customer can buy physical products online, plan for a vacation, buy an item in a store, or get a service for their home. Standardized data processing activity would mean the customer shopping across multiple channels as numerous customers from a data inference perspective. To overcome this data fragmentation problem, Manoj designed an innovative strategy to create a singular experience for the customer. He utilized this information across various formats, built a combined data design across different areas customers were interacting with and devised a tailored and data-backed strategy to approach customer needs. His product knowledge influenced positive business outcomes by making organizations aware of their returning customers and providing these customers with relevant product and service recommendations based on their buying behavior. Identification of customers interacting with the data points presents multiple business case opportunities, such as Predictive modeling and segmentation - Identification of customers who are more likely to buy a product or a service in the future.

Another excellent innovation is Manoj utilizing data to identify targeted marketing techniques for application users based on their past purchases. He created a visual representation of repeat customers who frequently shop and are loyal to a particular organization. These customers were easier to discover by capturing data in an organized format and then performing data analytics on top of this customer data fabric. He developed an additional product strategy to use data feedback from targeted marketing techniques to transform the marketing methodology, which yielded high revenue. He states that utilizing iterative product ideas to shift marketing techniques is a meaningful way to personalize the customer experience beyond the available data.

Manoj explains that data strategies can be available across mobile and web applications. He emphasizes that technology and product experts must identify returning and new customers through data feedback and build possibilities to increase revenue for the organization and provide the best service to them. Finally, Manoj stresses that product teams should work backward from the customer requirements and leverage data as an asset to enhance products and services.