Producer Anas Dipsawi discusses the shooting schedule for his upcoming movie "Musical"

Anas Dipsawi

Dubai-based entrepreneur and producer Anas Dabaswi has wowed his fans by declaring his contract with world-famous rapper Akon as one of the leading cast in his upcoming movie "Musical."

What is life if you cannot look back at it and say with happiness that Yes! I have lived it. Though it may sound hypothetical to many, sprinkling your life with interesting activities that turn a hypothesis into reality. And that's all about film producer Anas Dipsawi. Anas Dipsawi's most recent announcement about his cast in his upcoming production has surprised his fans with excitement.

Akon to star in Anas Dipsawi produced film "Musical"

Anas has signed a contract with the internationally famous rapper, Akon, to star in his next musical film. Though Akon has worked in movies earlier, this movie called "Musical" produced by Anas will be one-of-a-kind to cast Akon and several other popular stars together. Most Akon lovers are waiting with bated breath to watch his performance at this musical film. The film will host several other celebs from different industries such as Saudi comedian Nasser Al-Qasabi, a group of Arab stars and artists, especially from Egypt, whose names are yet to the finalized and revealed to the public.

Anas is all set to start the production of this film. He is still working to finalize all the stars and confirm dates with each one of them. He is currently working with his expert team to finalize the shooting schedule so that the film completes right on schedule, and Akon fans can watch him perform at his best in this musical. The film is aptly named "Musical" to give prominence to Akon's stardom. Although the exact script and storyline are still top-secret, one can fairly assume that Akon will be one of the reasons why people will hop on to watch the movie.

A man of passion, perseverance, and diverse talents

A man with various talents who can understand business and recognize true creative talent is a rare find. Anas Dipsawi is a person who resonates with success with his energy, passion, and intelligence. He spends most of his time either on the sets or planning the optimal mix of talent and theme for his next production.

At present, fans can only wait for the grand launch of Akon's "Musical" till they get to hop on to a theatre and enjoy the screening.

This article was first published on October 24, 2020