Produce 101 picks Top 60, eliminates 38 contestants

Produce 101 Season 2 held its first elimination on May 5.

Produce 101
Top 2 contestants Kim Samuel (left) and Park Ji Hoon Screenshot from Mnet video

The Korean reality survival TV show "Produce 101" Season 2 saw tears and joy as it held its first elimination on May 5.

From 98 contestants, the Top 60 contestants were chosen and 38 were eliminated. All contestants were nervous as host BoA started announcing those who made the cut.

The battle for the No. 1 spot was contested by Park Ji Hoon of Maroo Entertainment and Kim Samuel of Brave Entertainment.

In the end, Park Ji Hoon, a.k.a. the Wink Boy, took the top spot with 1.04 million votes, the only contestant who breached the 1 million mark. He maintained his No. 1 ranking in the four rounds of the competition.

Kim Samuel placed second with 863,861 votes followed by Yoon Jisung of MMO Entertainment with 844,829, who was visibly surprised by his high ranking.

Fantagio's Ong Sungwoo ranked fourth with 819,186 votes followed by MMO Entertainment's Kang Daniel, who got 817,245; Yue Hua Entertainment's Ahn Hyung-sub, 810,369; Brand New Music's Lee Dae Hwi, 809,484; Pledis' Kim Jong-hyun, 752,149; Cube's Lai Guan Lin, 717,275; and Cre.ker Entertainment's Joo Hak-nyeon, 703,391.

Contestants were surprised when Lee Dae Hwi only ranked seventh, down from his No. 2 ranking in the previous round.

Those who made it to 11th to 60th places are:

11. Hwang Min Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)

12. Bae Jin-young (C9)

13. Jung Se-woon (Starship Entertainment)

14. Jang Moon Bok (ONO)

15. Yoo Sun Ho (Cube Entertainment)

16. Kim Jae Hwan (individual trainee)

17. Lee Eui-Woong (Yue Hua Entertainment)

18. Lee Woo-Jin (Media Line)

19. Choi Min-Ki (Pledis Entertainment)

20. Kang Dong Ho (Pledis Entertainment)

21. Ha Sung-Woon (Ardor & Able)

22. Park Sung-Woo (HIM)

23. Kwon Hyun-Bin (YG K+)

24. Park Woo-Jin (Brand New Music)

25. Kim Tae-Dong (The Vibe)

26. Noh Tae-Hyun (Ardor & Able)

27. Im Young Min (Brand New Music)

28. Takada Kenta (Star Road)

29. Lee Gun-Hee (RBW)

30. Yoon Hee-Suk (Jellyfish Entertainment)

31. Justin (Yue Hua)

32. Kim Tae-Min (Han Areum)

33. Kim Dong-Bin (Kiwi Media)

34. Kim Yong-Guk (Chun)

35. Jung Dong-soo (Show)

36. Hong Eun-Ki (GON)

37. Kim Dong-Han (OUI)

38. Kim Tae-Woo (Narda)

39. Kim Dong-Hyun (Brand New Music)

40. Kim Ye Hyun (Widmay)

41. Lee Joon-Woo (FENT)

42. Woo Jin-Young (HF Music)

43. Kim Sang Gyun (Hunus)

44. Lee Kwang Hyun (Starship)

45. Joo Jin Woo (MMO)

46. Kim Sung Ri (C2K)

47. Ha Min Ho (The Vibe)

48. Lee Yoo Jin (Namoo Actors)

49. Yeo Hwan Woong (RBW)

50. Jung Jung (Yue Hua)

51. Seo Sung Hyuk (WH)

52. Byun Hyun Min (K Tigers)

53. Kim Yong-Jin (Wings)

54. Kim Nam Hyung (Show)

55. Park Woo Dam (HF Music)

56. Yoo Hwae Seung (FNC Entertainment)

57. Lee In Soo (individual trainee)

58. Lee Ki Won (2Y)

59. Yoon Jae Chan (The Vibe)

60. Kim Sang Bin (individual trainee)