Probe on As Chinese in Russia 'Faked' Coronavirus Tests to Board Flights And Leave the Country

The Chinese embassy said the passengers in Russia who are found to provide false Coronavirus test results are under investigation now

In Russia, where authorities reported over 598,800 Coronavirus cases and more than 8,300 deaths as of now, the Chinese citizens reportedly used falsified Covid-19 test results to board flights to return home.

The Chinese embassy in Moscow said many passengers have reportedly provided fake negative nucleic acid test results to leave the third most COVID-19 affected country, Russia, and return to China, which has noticed fresh new outbreaks in the capital recently.

It is still not clear whether these passengers were tested positive for the virus or they just faked the test results for other reasons. The issue is under investigation and will "bear corresponding legal responsibilities," said the embassy on its WeChat account on Monday, June 22.

The embassy of China said the COVID-19 test counterfeiters caused great harm to the health and safety of co-passengers and crew of the flights in Russia, and undermined China's domestic epidemic prevention work, said a report in South China Morning Post. It was in April, when China closed the border to Russia, calling it the "frontline" mode to avoid Coronavirus second wave and is yet to reopen it.

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Russia Is a 'Dangerous' Neighbor

As per the experts from all around the world, they became puzzled by Russia's official death rate caused by the SARS-CoV-2 that was 13 fatalities per million in April, while the global average was 36 per million. Later, the Moscow City government released April data showing 1,700 extra deaths that were not attributed to the Coronavirus.

As per a senior researcher at the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, "The number of Covid-19 victims [in Moscow] is possibly almost three times higher than the official toll. "

Even though Russia is the third-highest Coronavirus infected country, the authorities in Moscow allowed indoor dining, gyms, swimming pools, and recreation facilities to reopen Tuesday, June 23, while domestic tourism remains closed until July 1.

On June 23, as per the local reports, China registered 12 new Coronavirus cases in the mainland, said country's health authorities on Wednesday. Seven of these infected patients were located in Beijing where a new outbreak was noticed, linked to a wholesale food market, with more than 250 people infected since June 11. The country officials have also reported three new imported cases and three new asymptomatic cases on Tuesday.

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