Print On Demand President, Ray J Lakhani, is making a lot of noise on Social Media

Ray J Lakhani

Ray J Lakhani has unknowingly plunged into the business scene this past year, and he's causing major waves on social media. After inventing a viral product for the e-cig industry called the Lazy Lampoon™, in just a few months Ray J followed up his initial success with a massive digital marketing agency, and popular podcast that skyrocketed his presence online. Ray's online presence demanded an audience, which he easily received, and organic growth has been overwhelming to witness. As a self proclaimed lover boy of fashion, Ray was able to garnish attention from fashion executives around the world, and develop powerful relationships which catapulted the business for his marketing agency.

Ray now operates his personal businesses through remote teams around the world. He is currently the active President of one of the fastest-growing print on demand companies in America, SameDay Print On Demand. SameDay POD is a fulfillment center that utilizes the pick, pack, and shipment model for online e-commerce stores. SameDay POD works with large scale online retailers and fulfills tens of thousands of orders on a daily basis. As Q3 approaches its end, SameDay POD has seen 4x growth since last year.

And if you think Ray's accolades end there, you're wrong. Ray and his family have formed an army of corporations under their belt through the leadership of his brother in law. As a team, they're developing brands in the music, fashion, entertainment, and merchandise industries. Ray coins the term "there's no brake pedal in this vehicle", and we clearly understand the metaphor here. Ray has been known to speak on his podcast about always shooting for the stars, which is why the majority of his fans call him the "Space Man."

Ray J Lakhani has obtained a great deal of success within a 12-month span, and he credits his creativity to his parents, and his understanding for business logistics to his brother in law, who has spent over 10 years navigating the entrepreneurial world. Ray has kept extremely quiet on social media. However, after the success of his podcast, he had no choice but to own the success and recently re-introduced himself on Instagram after years of absence on the platform.

Ray is definitely an influencer worth following and keeping tabs on. We have no doubt he'll continue to break barriers and push boundaries. And we definitely want to witness the process of this man's growth.