Princess Leia in 'Rogue One': Here's who might be playing her

Unconfirmed reports suggest Princess Leia Organa will be part of 'Rogue One.'

Carrie fisher as Princess Leia

There are unconfirmed reports that the character of Princess Leia Organa, will be briefly featured in Gareth Edwards' 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.' And that Norwegian actress Ingvild Deila might be portraying her.

Cinemablend points out that a Reddit user by the name of tphilb claims to have had access to the end credits from 'Rogue One.' According to the user princess Leia is listed as being played by Ingvild "with Special Thanks to Carrie Fisher." It might be that Fisher has lent her voice to the character, though not physically appearing herself.

The authenticity of the source is questionable, though this isn't really much of a surprise considering director Gareth Edwards has remained coy on the issue of Princess Leia appearing in the movie. After all, 'Rogue one' takes place right before the events of 'A New Hope.' Leia's adoptive father Bail Organa (once again played by Jimmy Smits) also appears in the film.

As Cinemablend rightly suggests, that Leia's role will be a brief cameo and that the plans for the Death Star will make their way to Leia Organa's hands after the rebels have sacrificed themselves, securing those. It is likely that Jyn Erso herself, played by Felicity Jones, will hand over the plans to Bail Organa, risking her and his life in the process, for the greater good.

In the Reddit user's list, C3PO is also listed as being portrayed by Anthony Daniels. In fact, 'Rogue One' now looks to be quite a re-union of 'Star Wars' characters like Darth Vader (again voiced by James Earl Jones), Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, C3PO, Tarkin (portrayed by Guy Henry) and lastly, Leia Organa. R2D2 wasn't mentioned in the credits, maintains the Reddit user. This is most likely due to Kenny Baker's death in August, this year.

In any case, there are enough reasons for celebration for diehard 'Star Wars' fans and especially, fans of the original 'Star Wars' trilogy that began in 1977. Of course, even without these additions 'Rogue One' is creating quite the buzz. Some early industry insider reactions to the film have been very positive. There are reports suggesting the film might just be the biggest 'Star Wars' movie ever.

'Rogue One' releases in Singapore on 15 December.

This article was first published on December 6, 2016