Princess Diana's death anniversary: 7 mysteries that still prevail

Princess Diana died in a mysterious car crash on this day, leading to several wild conspiracy theories and accusations on prominent people.

Princess Diana: Princes commission statue 20 years after their mother's death
Princess Diana arrives at the Royal Geographical Society in London for a speech on the dangers of landmines throughout the world June 12, 1997. Reuters

Diana, the Princess of Wales, was a people's person and an iconic figure. Twenty years ago, on this day, she died in Paris in a high-speed crash.

Till date, people find her sudden death extremely shocking. The French Police concluded it as an extremely tragic accident involving her and her lover, Dodi Fayed, the son of Egyptian billionaire, Mohamed Al-Fayed.

The driver of the Mercedes-Benz S280 was Henri Paul and the only survivor was Trevor Rees- Jones, the bodyguard of Diana and Fayed. Trevor Rees -Jones was too injured to recall anything.

Till date, new conspiracy theories emerge as the people believe that it was not a mere accident but actually a planned murder by the royal family.

Several unanswered questions have led to wild conspiracy theories surrounding the death of the beautiful princess.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana is shown wearing a Victor Edelstein gown as she dances at a November 9, 1985 White House dinner with actor John Travolta Reuters

1. The S 280 Black Mercedes Benz which Princess Diana and her lover were travelling in, was the only available car that night and had previously been stolen. when recovered by the rental company, the only thing missing was an on-board computer chip, which controls navigation, acceleration, steering and braking. Some believe that the original one was replaced by a doctored one which could be controlled, leading to a crash.

2. The driver, Henri Paul, after investigation and post mortem reports, was accused of "gross consumption of alcohol", making him an unstable driver. However, Michael Cole, spokesperson of Mohamed Al Fayed, father of Princess Diana's lover, released CCTV footage of him with the couple in the Ritz which shows him sober and not "over-excited and drunk as a pig."It is also noted that he had a rigorous medical examination three days prior to the accident which did not reveal alcohol consumption. Reports prove otherwise though, saying that he was on medication for being alcoholic and a cigar smoker.

3. After the car crash, the ambulance took 1 hour 43 minutes, to reach the hospital which was only 3.8 miles away, which should have taken only 11 minutes to reach. The ambulance driver was told by the Doctor to stop outside the building of "Natural History, Paris" even though the hospital gates were only 30 seconds away.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana, Princess of Wales cradles a young child stricken with cancer at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Lahore on February 22, 1997 Reuters

4. The journalists were strictly not allowed to interview anyone who used the word "murder" in context to Princess Diana's death.

5. Henri Paul's body was left out for hours after the accident before being put into the morgue, which could have caused yeast to tamper with his blood results. Jared Posner, a US based criminal investigative journalist, said that after seeing the report, he noted that there were no logs made of the blood tests and that the tests themselves had many prominent errors.

6. A witness who came forward with a story but was found to be an unreliable source said that he saw the crash happen after a massive beam of light had been flashed in front of the Mercedes carrying Princess Diana and her party, which caused the driver to lose control and crash. This was straight-out-of the MI6 Handbook of planned and strategized murder.

Princess Diana: Princes commission statue 20 years after their mother's death

7. Princess Diana had a conversation with the father of her lover Mohammed Al Fayeed, who later admitted that Diana had told him that she was pregnant with Dodo Fayed's child, which may explain why he was picking up a ring for her the day of the crash. Further investigation reveals that it was not true, although this pushes theorists to believe that this was one of the major factors which caused her murder. The mother of the future King of England could not be married to an Egyptian whose father was denied a British passport.