Princess Beatrice leaves Ed Sheeran bleeding while mock-knighting James Blunt

Ed Sheeran received a cut on his face when a prank went wrong at a dinner party by Princess Beatrice.

Ed Sheeran

The prank went wrong when Princess Beatrice sliced open Ed Sheeran's cheek while mock Knighting the singer James Blunt at a party. James Blunt, best known for his song You're Beautiful, is said to have joked to the princess that he would love to become the Knight. She then picked up a sword, and Blunt knelt down in a mock knighting ceremony.

But things went wrong when Princess Beatrice lifted the ceremonial sword to tap him lightly on the shoulder and she accidentally swung it back, cutting Sheeran on the cheek. The eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson swung the ceremonial blade over her shoulder without realising the singer was behind her. And when she turned around and saw Ed, she started gasping and screaming to see blood all over his face.

Sheeran, who was at the party with girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, was taken to the hospital for treatment to the cut on his cheek a few inches under his eye. The accident reportedly happened during a party prank at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, the home of the Princess' father, Prince Andrew, who was away at the time. Around 20 people were said to be at the event, including the Princess' mother, the Duchess of York.

Sheeran's injury however came to light the day after the incident when he posed for pictures with his fans. Ed Sheeran, however, reacted normally to the incident and later like a true gentleman regarded it as an accident. But Princess Beatrice was reported to be exteremly upset and aplologetic for the injury received by the singer in the bizzare accident.

With acoustic guitar in hands and messy red hair Ed Sheeran, the singer-songwriter, bagged two Grammy awards this year for his song 'Thinking out loud' for Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year. He is known for his big heart charities and romantic songs.

However, Blunt's Knighthood aspirations remain unfulfilled but thankfully the injury wasn't too serious otherwise there would have been a lot to regret for Princess Beatrice. The honorary Knighthood surely comes with a big price that sadly Ed Sheeran had to pay.

This article was first published on November 29, 2016