Prince Wiliam, Prince Charles in 'bitter war' for the throne? Rumour debunked

Prince Charles is first in line to the British throne followed by his son Prince William.

After false rumours about a feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, a new report claimed that Prince Charles and Prince William are involved in a "bitter war for the throne."

According to National Enquirer, which has a history of making baseless claims, said citing a "high-ranking palace courtier" that, "Charles knows that his mother wants to bypass him and make William the next king, but he is fighting tooth and nail."

The unreliable source also added: "William has not the intention to do something aside – and the takeover of father and son has plunged the palace into chaos and crisis like the monarchy has never seen before!"

The report goes on to falsely claiming that Queen Elizabeth is "close to death" and has met both Prince Charles and Prince William, who, according to the alleged palace insider, argued over who would be the better king.

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Buckingham Palace/ Instagram

However, none of these claims are true. Gossip Cop debunked these rumours.

If no unforeseen tragedy like Prince Charles' death occur, the Duke of Wales will become king after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Even if the queen wanted to change the order of succession she can't. Prince Wiliam is second in line to the British throne and will be king if Prince Charles dies or abdicates.

There have been several times in the past when wrong rumours about the royal family have surfaced. Recently, there were also rumours that Queen Elizabeth wants Prince William and Kate Middleton to take up the responsibility as king and queen. However, these rumours were also completely made-up.