Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle expecting baby?

Meghan Markle will go overseas to move in with her boyfriend in London, said OKmagazine but refuted by Gossipcop.

Meghan Markle might move to England
Meghan Markle might move to England Reuters

A report by said Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle is three months pregnant on 26 October, Friday and its cover page was going viral when another website stepped in and said that it was a hoax.

The OKmagazine has pushed out the story apparently quoting a palace insider who revealed that the actress from popular American drama "Suits", who was rumored to move in with Harry is now expecting a child.

"It's unexpected, to say the least -- to have a baby out of wedlock would risk creating quite a scandal for the royal family -- but Harry and Meghan are eager to build a family together. The sooner the better," the report said quoting a source, who has allegedly claimed that the couple has not informed the Queen yet.

"Now, it's up to her to consult with royal advisers about how to handle such a shocking development and what it may mean for a wedding date," the source reportedly said. But Gossipcop has taken strong exception to the story terming it a hoax. This is not the first time OKmagazine has published a cover story on the royals with a false story, it said.

However, Meghan is still in the US and shooting for the seventh season of "Suits". But soon after finishing her engagements with the production house, she will go overseas to move in with her boyfriend in London.

Previously The Sun reported that the 36-year-old actress is planning to quit her popular TV drama, as she delayed to sign the new contract with the production house.

According to published reports by The Sun, an anonymous source said, "Meghan loved playing Rachel and feels she owes so much to Suits. But Harry can't move to Toronto, so she'll have to move eventually if they want to be together...Her decision to give up the biggest role of her career would mean a lot."