Prince Harry is grateful to Meghan Markle for this Surprising reason?

Meghan Markle meets adoring fans on first official royal engagement

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are the embodiment of a perfect Royal couple. They welcomed their first child baby Archie on May 6 adding to that image.

But it looks like the power dynamics in their relationship might be skewed in favour of Meghan. According to royal expert Andrew Morton, Prince Harry needs Meghan Markle "more than she needs him", which is likely to win over the hearts of those who remain undecided about the Duchess.

If the claim is true, it strengthens Meghan's position in the Royal Palace. As Duchess of Sussex, she maintains an important place in the Royal Family, but when it comes down to real sway over decisions, titles aren't that helpful. Supporters on the other hand are vital. Now, Meghan Markle has been rubbing quite a few people the wrong way with her enthusiasm and her general lack of respect for tradition and protocols.

Apparently, the Royal staff and the senior Royals aren't exactly big fans of Meghan. And with the way she alienated the press during her pregnancy and delivery, the press isn't exactly on her side either. In such an environment, having an ally is all the more important. And she couldn't have asked for a better one than her husband Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle is a source of "stability and the structure" for Prince Harry who has always been "desperate for a family", according to royal biographer Andrew Morton. And now with baby Archie having arrived, Prince Harry seems to be all the more grateful to Meghan Markle.

Speaking on Yahoo's Royal Box about the birth of his son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Mr Morton said: "I was looking at some pictures of Harry when he was about eight years old and he's cradling a friend's baby. He was always adoring of children and you can see that today.

The Royal couple is living in Frogmore Cottage with baby Archie. Meghan Markle has made it clear that she wants to carve her own path as a Royal. Baby Archie may play an important role in Meghan Markle's future at the Royal Palace.

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