Prince Harry 'dodging the subject of meeting' Meghan Markle's family: Actress furious

Meghan Markle is unhappy that Prince Harry id delaying his meet with her family.

Prince Harry with Meghan Markle
Prince Harry is dating Meghan Markle Twitter

Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle are hit by split rumours. The 32-year-old royal is reportedly delaying his meet with the Suits' star's family.

An alleged source told Radar Online: "Meghan's had to go through the whole ridiculously pompous rigmarole of being introduced to Harry's family. The etiquette list just for five minutes in front of the Queen took her a few days of memorizing."

"The least he can do is come for lunch at her mom's place, or even down to Mexico to see her dad. Harry keeps dodging the subject of meeting Meghan's loved ones," the insider added.

Princess Diana's second son and Markle reportedly met when the royal was in Toronto, where the American TV legal drama is filmed, to promote the 2017 Invictus Games in May. Adding on, the dating rumours thickened when the 35-year-old American beauty was pictured wearing a bracelet almost identical to Prince Harry. Adding on, the couple made their relationship public as they went on a romantic date in London.

If the couple's relationship works out, this will be second marriage for Markle, who was previously married to Trevor Engleson in 2011. The two divorced in 2013.

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