Prince Andrew might be asked to skip royal Christmas Church service at Sandringham

Prince Andrew was stripped off his royal duties following the Epstein scandal and he is reportedly asked to skip the royal Christmas Church service

After being stripped off the royal duties, it appears now that disgraced Prince Andrew would be banned from attending the Royal Family's Christmas day Church celebrations, too. Under the annual royal tradition being carried from several decades, the British royals visit the Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham for the morning service on Christmas Day.

The Sun reported that an unnamed royal source has revealed that many courtiers have expressed their desire for Prince Andrew to stay away from the church, where he would be pictured with the rest of the family in the presence of the international media.

"There are no genuine concerns over sex abuse campaigners planning to be part of the crowds to jeer the Duke publicly. They know the world's media would be there and it would end up dominating the headlines of the day," said the source.

Sex abuse campaigners might protest at the venue

Prince Andrew at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, 1st September 2011
Prince Andrew would be banned from attending the Royal Family's Christmas day Church celebrations Thorne1983 / Wikimedia Commons

After rumours of sex abuse campaigners all set to infiltrate the crowd gathered at Sandringham and jeer the disgraced prince for his links with American sex offender Jeffery Epstein and having forced sex with a minor, the royals seem to be little apprehensive about Andrew's presence at the Church.

"There is now real fear from officials about the protest turning violent. It's more about the further embarrassment it would cause to the Royal Family. The Prince, who is often seen attending church with the Queen, could insist on attending the sermon. Her Majesty, who has been left 'deeply upset' by the Epstein saga, would be unable to tell her son not to attend," the source added.

The interviews that fuelled the biggest royal scandal in two

It may be recalled that British sovereign Queen Elizabeth II had stripped Andrew of his royal duties last month following the BBC interview in which he accepted his links with Epstein, but denied allegations levelled by Virginia Roberts that the British royal had forced sex with her when she was 17 years old. Andrew faced a lot of public backlash after the interview in which he did not offer any sympathies to the billionaire paedophile's victims.

BBC Panorama in its documentary 'The Prince and the Epstein Scandal' interviewed Roberts regarding her claims. While giving the sordid details of the sexual encounter between her and Andrew, Roberts urged the Britishers to believe her story and stand up against human trafficking.

It was also reported, that perturbed over the biggest scandal that has hit the royal household in two decades, Prince Charles 'read the riot act' to his younger brother at Sandringham. Sources revealed that the Prince of Wales has very clearly told Andrew that there was 'no way back into the family in the near future'.