Pretty woman who attacked taxi driver jailed for 3 weeks (VIDEO)

drunk woman
YouTube Screenshot

The video of a well-dressed woman attacking a taxi driver has gone viral in December 2016, and now the lady featured in the video has been given three weeks jail sentence and a fine worth $1000.

Dina Huang Chih-Yung, the 31-year-old Taiwanese lady admitted to assaulting taxi driver Cheng Teck Wei on his arm, and she also confessed to abusing a security officer on the same night. The jail sentence was given in the case of assault, and the fine was for using abusive words.

During the hearing, defense lawyer Sunil Sudheesan pleaded for leniency and informed the court that his client has deep regrets for the acts committed, and has also accepted responsibility for her actions. The police informed the court that the lady was under the influence of alcohol during the time of the attack.

Details of the incident

The incident happened on December 7, 2016 when heavily drunk Dina Huang Chih-Yung boarded the taxi of Cheng and asked him to drop her at Enggor Street in Tanjong Pagar. The Court was told that Dina had consumed more than 700-ml of alcohol on the night.

As they reached a condominium at the Enggor Street, Dina left the car without paying the money. Seeing the act of Dina, Cheng grabbed her handbag and shouted for help. Hearing his scream, two security guards rushed to the spot. The enraged woman then started hitting the taxi driver, and during the struggle, Cheng's spectacles fell and were broken.

When Jeivanay Alimithu, the security guard tried to cool down the lady, she hurled abusive words at him and walked away from the scene. The lady then went to a nearby restaurant and informed the restaurant's manager that her bag has been looted. She returned to the scene again and started the attack again. During the scuffle, she hit the taxi driver's arm and tried to bite the security officer.

This article was first published on January 3, 2018