Prepare for War: Chinese Military in New Propaganda Offensive Against Taiwan

The Chinese military has stepped up menacing propaganda against self-ruled Taiwan even as the tensions remain escalated. The latest reports say that the PLA has openly threatened war against Taiwan, which China says is an integral part of the country.

The PLA trended propaganda material on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat lately, telling Taipei indirectly to prepare for war. Meanwhile, the Chinese military also circulated articles where Taiwanese are called 'splittists', a favorite term of the Chinese to refer to pro-democracy voices.

Taiwan navy, air force to train in South China Sea due to growing threat from China
Sailors stand on board Taiwan's newest domestically-produced missile frigate as manufacturer China Shipbulding Crop hands the ship over to the military in Kaohsiung March 11, 2004. Reuters (Representational Image)

Propaganda Posters

The 'information arm' of the People's Liberation Army is behind the propaganda, international news organizations reported.

One of the propaganda posters depicted rockets being fired beside the words "prepare for war".
One of the videos says, "Want to be a splittist? Listen here!".

The material quotes Chinese military members as saying that they are prepared to "obey all commands" and "fear no challenges." The soldiers are heard saying they will "fight for dignity without fear of death."

Among the newly published propaganda material are music video featuring videos of tanks, soldiers and rocket explosions, the Daily Express reported.

China set to announce sharp increase in defence spending
Soldiers of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) march past Tiananmen Gate during the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, in Beijing, China, September 3, 2015 Reuters

Fears over a military move to 'reunify' Taiwan with the mainland have grown in recent years. In fact, such fears had never gone away. Geopolitical analysts have been watching out for signs of a final Chinese resolve to strike for years.

In 2020, PLA fighter planes carried out sorties near the Taiwan border early all days. In one instance, as many as 37 PLA aircraft flew close to the Taiwanese side of the Strait, defying norms followed hitherto by both the sides. In another instance of increasing aggression, the Chinese media once said that the military exercise was not a warning, but a 'rehearsal' for the eventual Taiwan takeover.

Power Balance

China considers self-ruling Taiwan as a renegade province and hasn't abandoned the possibility of using force to annex the island. The power balance tilted in Beijing's favour back in the early 1970s when the United States recognized the People's Republic of China and started diplomatic relations with Beijing.

Taiwan president-elect Tsai Ing-wen
Democratic Progessive Party Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen chants slogans during a rally outside the Presidential Office in Taipei August 30, 2008 Reuters

According to Beijing, island's reunification with the mainland is a primary need. China insists that it is the only large nation in the world that is yet to be completely reunified. "Resolving the Taiwan question so as to realise China's full reunification is the irresistible trend of the times, China's greatest national interest, the righteous path to follow and the longing of all Chinese people," Wei said

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