'Preoccupied' Biden Stumbles Again While Boarding Air Force One; Social Media Blames Hunter Biden Scandals

In yet another episode of stumbling, US President Joe Biden tripped while boarding Air Force One after attending a press conference in Washington on Wednesday. The social media is linking his stumble to his preoccupied state of mind as he spoke on every issue during media interaction but avoided mentioning a word about his son Hunter Biden's latest scandal.

This is not the first time that Biden, 79, was caught staggering or losing balance as lately the episodes have increased.

President Joe Biden

It's Time for Biden to Retire; Social Media Chatter

A faction of social media followers took to ridiculing Biden stating that he should bid adieu to politics as his cognitive functioning is deteriorating day by day. On top of everything Biden's son Hunter is a constant embarrassment for him which will not let him concentrate on important issues, added the detractors.

Some followers even went to the extent of saying that if it had been President Donald Trump, the Democrats would have created a rumble but now they are just ignoring every faux-paus of Biden and his brigade.

As per the report published by Radaronline Biden addressed the Golden State's federal and statewide office elections but failed to bring attention to his son's latest scandal, the Commander-In-Chief spoke to reporters about crime and gun violence.

"Clown in Charge @JoeBiden trips again going up the stairs to AF1 . See, even the stairs are smarter than he is," shared a Twitter user.

Another Twitter user shared his views adding, "Same thing has happened in 2022, Biden trips again on steps of Air Force One after threatening President Vladimir Putin few days ago. Joe Biden has appeared to be lifeless and clueless on several occasions."

"#USA #Nazi #Libtards on Joe Biden trips Gospel truth Not making this up Libtards actually blaming Donald Trump - again While he was president Air Force One was painted that is true, but Trump had nothing to do with paint Libtards say Air Force One color now too dark Y Biden falls", read a tweet.