Pregnant seal shot through heart in UK; reward announced for revealing killer

A pregnant seal was killed (Representational picture) Pixabay

While climate change and global warming are posing threat to the world's creatures, humans are the only one, who should take responsibility to save these animals and protect the earth. But, an exactly opposite incident was reported, after a pregnant seal was found shot dead in the UK.

The animal was found dead on a riverbank alongside another deceased pregnant seal earlier this year in the English county of Essex by Tony Haggis, who is a local wildlife tour operator. Later the post mortem report revealed that the pregnant seal was shot with a rifle at its heart, while the other one also appeared to have suffered from bullet wounds.

After these animals were discovered, local conservation groups raised their voice to express their concerns over killings and launched an appeal to find those responsible.

The body was sent to UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP), which is a part of the Zoological Society of London, for the autopsy and the reports showed that this seal was killed while it was lying face upwards on a sandbank.

A report by Rob Deaville from the CSIP stated that "the examination found the cause of death to be consistent with shooting, with a single entry wound between the fore flippers."

The report also added that the bullet, which was recovered during the examination, had penetrated part of its heart and the edge of the left lung. The bullet was previously identified as a .22 calibre from the width and has been retained.

In addition, the report revealed that the seal was in a good healthy condition when it was killed and it was two to three months pregnant.

"It had been reported stranded along with another common seal and various reports linked the deaths to shooting," Deaville said.

The animal activist group claimed that anglers may have killed these seals, who could have been interfering with their fishing activities.

Meanwhile, conservation charity Sea Shepherd UK offered a reward of $3,750 to the person who will bring any information, video or photo that could reveal the identity of the suspects.

As reported by Metro, Haggis said they believe four were seen dead in the water but only two seals were found.

This article was first published on July 7, 2019