Naked Pervert Enjoys Sex With Religious Monument 'Thao Suranaree'; Masturbates In Front Of Holy Statue Before Locals Almost Beat Him To Death

A pervert performed sex acts on a religious monument in Thailand. Locals almost beat him to death before he was arrested by the police.

Preechar Chumpla, 30, was caught by police for stripping down and performing lewd sex acts on the Thao Suranaree or Ya Mo Monument in Non Somboon.The monument honors Thao Suranari, who died in 1852. Officers from the Seng Sang Police Station were called by the man's parents at around 3.20pm on Friday, August 26, according to Daily Star.

Preechar Chumpla attempted to have sex with a religious monument
Preechar Chumpla attempted to have sex with a religious monument Twitter

Chumpla Was High On Drugs

The man's parents called the Seng Sang Police Station on Friday around 3:20 pm, telling them that their son was was "high" on drugs and beat them before leaving the house.

Later, officials found him on his home's roof. Chumpla was naked on the roof but when officials asked him to come down, he refused.

Preechar Tried To Have Sex With Ya Mo Monument

Preechar ran away to the Ya Mo Monument. He climbed up the monument, tried to have sex with it and masturbated, while angry locals tried to persuade him to come down over two hours by hitting him with sticks, and rods, and throwing objects at him, reported The Thaiger.

Angry Mob Beat Preechar To Within An Inch Of His Life

Several direct hits later and Preechar lost his balance and came crashing to the ground, met by an angry mob who then kicked and beat him to within an inch of his life, according to the report.

When a large number of people were beating the man, police tried to control the situation. Officers saved Chumpla and took him to the station. Before being sent to the hospital for the treatment of his injuries, he tested positive for amphetamine.

On Sunday, Preechar's family took him to the monument to ask for forgiveness. Reports also claimed that he is also receiving psychiatric treatment in the hospital.

Preechar could face up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to 10,000 baht for damaging, destroying, or causing depreciation of the value of the public property, according to The Thaiger.

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This article was first published on September 1, 2022