Practising 'Nude Yoga' helps women to boost self-confidence?

Nude Yoga (Representational picture) Pixabay

Yoga, the ancient form of making the body fit and active, has many forms and now an instructor claims that this ancient physical, mental and spiritual exercise can shed more stress and become more useful for women if they practice nude yoga.

The instructor, Aleea Moodie, who runs Yoga Bhava in Queensland's Toowoomba, has been encouraging her clients to practice nude yoga. She said that the main objective of her method is to empower women of all shapes and sizes, including motivating them to come out of their insecurities by stripping off.

The 29-year-old Aleea said that the practice of nude yoga is not only about making different poses but also to boosts inner confidence.

The instructor told Daily Mail that when she came to know that many women are suffering from body confidence issues, she decided to break the stigma. About a year ago she started learning about the nudity culture and "encourage women to embrace their own natural body."

Aleea insists that this is not about the sexualising nudity but "it's about being confident in your own skin and learning to love your body imperfection instead of spending your whole life feeling ashamed about your body - you only get one life."

The new generation yoga instructor, Aleea held her first nude yoga class in May 2017 and since then her classes inspired many women. She said that one of the women who was trained by Aleea shared her feedback, where she said the nude yoga classes changed her life.

Aleea pondered about the positions she teaches to her clients and said, "We do flow stretches on the floor such as yin yoga so no one feels vulnerable and everyone feels comfortable straight away. People get anxious in the first three to four minutes, but suddenly, it's okay and by the end of the class, everyone's laughing."

Aleea's nude yoga classes charge $20 per hour. The room she uses to practice such yoga is decorated with candles. All the yogis sit in a line while facing the wall of the room.

People who attend the classes are more concentrated on themselves than judging each other. The instructor said that she has a woman client, who is in her 50s and there are many individuals from different nationalities.

Since some people have apprehensions that this kind of yoga is not safe as well as scary, Aleea advises them that it doesn't look the way people assume about this process but she just wants to boost the girl power.

While yoga going nude besides becoming popular all over the world, the Syro Malabar Catholic Church, located in the southern part of India, the origin country of yoga, has asked its believers to stop practising yoga saying it is part of an alien religion.

The church has claimed that Christian beliefs cannot go along with yoga, as practising this ancient type of meditation and exercise for spiritual benefits is against their religious teachings.

This article was first published on April 8, 2018