PR Agency E-PR Online Expands Media Catalog, Now Offers 100 Countries for Publications

E-PR Online

[New York, NY] – New York-based digital PR agency E-PR Online has broadened its media catalog, now encompassing a wide spectrum of outlets from 100 countries. In contrast to conventional PR agencies that often concentrate on one locale and/or publication language, E-PR Online strategically leads with its emphasis on both international and local media collaborations regardless of location. This approach offers clients an extended reach and the ability to connect with diverse audiences across the world.

The expansion once again underlines the agency's ambition to disrupt the PR industry. Unlike the limitations of traditional PR firms, E-PR Online recognizes the power of multi-language media collaborations. By offering a comprehensive array of languages and local outlets in its media catalog, the agency empowers clients to deliver impactful messages tailored to specific cultural nuances and preferences of the given target audience. The strategic emphasis on diversity has proven to be a game-changing advantage, bridging communication gaps and opening doors to new business possibilities for the company's clientele.

The agency has also expanded its team of copywriters who are proficient in various languages. Growing writing staff allows the company to keep up with the extended international media catalog. Now clients can solicit writing services from E-PR Online in such languages as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and more.

E-PR Online's CEO, Irina Proskurina, says she draws inspiration from media pioneers like Yuri Radzievsky. In the generation preceding digital publications, Radzievsky globalized printed media, offering US companies an international PR platform through his brand YAR Communications. Building on this example and the internal expertise, E-PR Online goes a step ahead by adding US ethnic media to its catalog, enabling businesses to connect deeply with local diasporas in different languages. Proskurina states, "Meeting the growing demand for multi-language publications is our goal. Our expansion to 100 countries is just the start. We're excited to keep redefining global PR's boundaries."

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