Positivity-Driven Entrepreneur Didi Wong On Creating a Lasting Legacy

Didi Wong

Didi Wong is a powerhouse when it comes to creating a lasting legacy. She's a mentor to women and minority entrepreneurs, and she's currently in the process of getting knighted for her philanthropy and social impact work.

Her early days led her to the path of entrepreneurship, where she started creating her legacy. Now, she's motivated to continue her work creating a positive legacy on the world thanks to her children.

Why is it your goal to create a lasting legacy?
Didi Wong: My children are my motivation to create a lasting legacy. I always talk to them about waking up with a smile and being happy. I bring up this subject a lot because everything starts in the home. I want my kids to be strong and independent, but first, they need to have a great atmosphere at home.

I always tell them how lucky they are and that they should be grateful for having food on the table and a roof over their heads. I'm hoping this positive thinking will rub off of them so that they can live positive lives too.

How did you get started creating a lasting legacy?
Didi Wong: Growing up, my parents took me to open houses, musicals, concerts and made me take piano lessons. At the time, I was a kid, and I left like I was getting forced to do these things. But now, I can reflect back on how grateful I was to get these opportunities. Doing those things grew my interest in those areas. They taught me discipline, responsibility, and fun, and I still enjoy doing them to this day.

All of that comes into play when you're an entrepreneur, and you're working for yourself. You must be disciplined, good with your calendar, and able to stay disciplined, responsible, and have fun. Otherwise, what's the point?

Having a lasting legacy means nothing without having strong, key relationships in your life and being happy.

How are you creating a lasting legacy?
I believe I'm creating a lasting legacy by transferring gold dust (that's my way of saying positivity) to others, choosing who I give my time, energy, and thoughts to, and making a positive impact on others. I make sure I'm bringing positive energy into everything that I do. Keeping every thought, conversation, and action positive and removing all the negativity in my life. My ultimate goal is to make others happy, share my positivity and wisdom, and help others live their best lives.