Mia Khalifa blowing hot and cold over Beyonce 'miseries' in another Twitter rant

Khalifa is not an ardent fan of Beyonce and had called her a mediocre singer during the release of Coldplay remix.

Lebanese American adult star Mia Khalifa has yet again jumped into a series of Twitter rants, and this time it's for "Formation" singer Beyonce.

Beyonce's recently released controversial album, Lemonade, pushed Khalifa, like many others, to post some empathizing messages for the singer on their social media accounts.

While Khalifa is not an ardent fan of Beyonce, she feels whatever is happening with the 34-year-old is just not right. Earlier, during the release of Coldplay remix, the 24-year-old had called Beyonce a mediocre singer and criticized her appearance in the track.

Meanwhile, the tendentious album, Lemonade , showcases many instances in Beyonce's life which confirm that the singer is going through a tough phase with husband Jay Z.

The songs of the album directly accuses Jay Z for cheating with 'becky with good hair', reportedly, fashion designer Rachel Roy, which made the pornhub star really furious.

In a series of tweets on her social media account, the most searched star showed her support for the singer and accused Rachel for creating fuss in the marriage.

Although Khalifa's accusation may have its reference to Lemonade, she got confused with names, and wrongly accused celebrity chef with almost the same initials, Rachael Ray.

However, the adult star didn't reconsider her mistake and later posted a selfie on Twitter tagging herself as 'becky with good hair'.