Popular traffic feature of Waze will be soon available on Google Maps for iOS and Android

The updated features of Google Maps will probably roll-out globally by this week on Android and iOS.

Google Maps
Google Maps. IANS

The search engine giant Google has been adding a lot of new features to Google Maps to make it as the stand-alone location and traffic tracking app for all its users since the last few days. It is adding the new traffic feature of Waze on iOS and Android.

Previously, Google has already added police traps, road blockades, climate conditions, and a lot more to report on the app. Now the new update of Google Maps allows drivers to report accidents, speed traps, and traffic slowdowns through their iPhones.

In addition to that, Google is adding an extra feature, where the users can report to four new types of incidents – construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles, and objects on the road (like debris). These features will roll-out globally this week on Android and iOS.

To report an incident, a user simply taps on the (+) sign and then on "Add a report", Sandra Tseng, Product Manager of Google Maps stated. By this, the drivers or the people who are riding the vehicle can plan their destination route accordingly.

Not only that, it will benefit people by saving their extra fuel and time, as the riders/drivers will get to know about the blocked and more traffic roads before. And this will aid the users to bypass travelling through that road. Especially, this feature would help mostly the Uber and Ola cab drivers.

However, Google Maps resemble similar to Waze, as the aforementioned features were already available on Waze, which makes drivers choose Waze over Google Maps. But, this new update is a plus to all the users who have vehicles and drives. And Google is working continually to make its maps app as a more reliable source than any other location or navigation app.