Pope Francis Caught Liking Bikini Model's Picture Who Was Wearing Catholic School Outfit on Instagram

It is not still clear whether the like from the head of the Catholic Church was accidental or on purpose

Pope Francis was dubbed 'horny as hell' after a social media user spotted him like the picture of a bikini model on Instagram, as per reports. The Instagram model whose name is Natalia Garibotto got alerted to the 'like' and thought the situation to be amazing.

"At least I'm going to heaven," she said as Twitter account, Barstool Sports, shared a screenshot of the name of the pope in the likes section of her photo. The screengrab was captioned, "Pope Francis is horny as hell" and showed the official Instagram name of the pope, Franciscus.

Pope Francis and Likes Post

Pope Francis
Pope Francis Wikimedia Commons

It is not clear whether the like from the head of the Catholic Church was accidental or not. The Twitter users were conflicted regarding the tweet calling him out as one user wrote, "Take this tweet down, shame on you."

Another netizen mentioned his liking about what the pope did. In the picture, Natalia is seen wearing suspenders and an outfit that resembles a Catholic schoolgirl. Earlier this year, the pope had mentioned good sex and food are 'divine' pleasures that come directly from God.

In the newly published book having interviews, the Pope told the Italian author Carlo Petrini that the church has always accepted human, simple and moral pleasure. Pope Francis who was born in Argentina said, "Pleasure arrives directly from God, it is neither Catholic, nor Christian, nor anything else, it is simply divine."

He has said that there is no place for overzealous morality that denies pleasure, something according to him the Catholic Church has exercised in the past. But he also insisted that this was not a correct interpretation of the Christian message, as per RTE. "The Church has condemned inhuman, brutish, vulgar pleasure, but has on the other hand always accepted human, simple, moral pleasure," he had said.