Pooria Ghohroodi makes his name as one of the most promising influencers in Iran

Pooria Ghohroodi

Pooria Ghohroodi is well-versed with all the strategies and technicalities in the entrepreneurship world. Iran's Pooria Ghohroodi is also one reputed name in exotic cars, which have made its mark in the business field. Born in Tehran, Iran, Pooria gained a lot of experiences before going to America. Later, the entrepreneur went to America to start his own dealership for exotic cars in Los Angeles.

Right after going to America, Pooria started gaining some experience in his own field. Later, he registered his own business place and, as we mentioned, started it in Los Angeles. Pooria was previously one of the race champions in Iran, and he has a lot of skills in this field. Besides this, He has an athletic figure and has a black belt in martial arts.

Pooria Ghohroodi is famous for maintaining excellent working relationships and the people who are working for him say that he is a great leader apart from being their friend. He is also really good at teamwork and figuring out problems. Apart from being one of the top entrepreneurs, he is also a famous Instagram personality. The entrepreneur is going the influencer way and has a following of more than 190K on Instagram.

Currently residing in America, you can see on his page about his luxurious lifestyle. Pooria sometimes talks about his experiences and advises new people to start their own business. He mainly shares posts about his way of life and luxury cars that he owns and sometimes the pictures of friends and family. He also holds a tag-a-friend contest, and in his recent one, he said that he would give the three winners of the contest 100 US dollars. He pays this amount of money to the winners, and it is not phony at all. He is a great motivational counselor, too, and everyone can use his advice and benefit from them. He always says that customer satisfaction is paramount. If you want to be successful in your own field, you must consistently achieve customers' satisfaction, and if you fail at gaining their trust, you will lose them in no time, and attracting new customers is an uphill task. I hope that this article was beneficial for you and you have learned something new about him.