Roger Federer
Roger Federer ill have talks with Novak Djokovic Reuters

Tennis legend Roger Federer has said that he will have a conversation with Novak Djokovic soon to discuss the future of Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) chairman Chris Kermode

Chris Kermode's contract will end in 2019 and ATP Player Council president Novak Djokovic is of the belief there should be a player's union that will be separate from the ATP. As of now, the Association of Tennis Professionals manage everything and Vasek Pospisil, the council member to the players ranked between 50 and 100 has backed the world number one's decision.

Roger Federer does not want to get himself political. The Swiss tennis legend said he has already spoken to Rafael Nadal at the 2019 Australian Open. However, Federer could not speak to Novak Djokovic because Federer was eliminated from the first Grand Slam event of the calendar year in Melbourne more than a month ago.

The 20 time Grand Slam champion said he will have a word with Novak Djokovic with the current situation.

"I think important was to see how the Davis Cup was going to go a little bit maybe as well, to be quite honest. I did speak to Rafa during the tournament. Novak I didn't see. I guess that was my fault because I lost earlier," Roger Federer said, as reported by Express.

"That robbed me of spending more time there. Yeah, I think to some extent also I have to take a decision if I want to be, you know, involved in any way. Politically I'm not involved. I'm not on the council. But I'm always happy to listen and all that stuff. At some point I also have to be careful with the time, Novak's time as a council president."

"I got to play it the right way. I think my next conversation needs to be with him. I had some meetings also with council members at the Australian Open."

"It's been quiet recently. It's always like that. It's always busy, busy, just before the Australian Open. After that everybody focuses on tennis. After that the tour moves on, you don't see each other any more. Things flatten out. Like you said, things are going to come back to the surface a little bit in Indian Wells. Good or bad, it's going to happen."