Police shoot 17-year-old at Wisconsin High School after he refuses to put gun down

The boy had a gun on his waistband and was noticed by his classmate.

A school in Waukesha, Wisconsin went into lockdown on Monday morning after a student was reported carrying a firearm. In the police action that ensued, a 17-year-old unnamed boy was shot after he refused to heed to the orders to disarm himself.

The boy had a gun on his waistband and was noticed by his classmate. The school soon went into a lockdown and the resource officer evacuated the classroom. The Police Chief of Waukesha, Russel Jack, said the police arrived in the classroom and tried to deescalate the situation by trying to calm the boy down and get him to hand over the gun. However, the boy refused to do so.

Terrible Monday morning unfolds

"The suspect would not remove his hands from his pockets and continued to ignore the officers' commands," said Officer Jack. The suspect then removed the gun from his waistband and pointed it at the officers. According to the reports, an officer was forced to discharge the firearm, 'striking' the suspect. The suspect was given immediate 'life saving' treatment and the17-year-old sustained minor wounds according to the fire commander at the scene. The officer who shot the suspect was a veteran.

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Students heard three gunshots

Andrew Oresick, a student who was in the hall at that time, told the New York Post that the students in the suspect's class came running out while one shouted that the boy had a gun on him. Oresick also said that after a while they heard three gunshots that shook the whole room. The firearm was recovered from the room.

The officials also said in a tweet that this was an isolated incident and no one was being pursued with respect to the incident. The School Superintendent Todd Gray said that this was a superintendent's worst nightmare. Outside the school, the parents and guardians of the students waited as soon as the incident was notified.