Police Raid Home of Sexual Assaulter, Find 400 Pairs of Stolen Women's Underwear in Closet

An Alabama man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman after breaking into her home in the middle of the night. The woman who woke up and sensed danger gave out a tough fight and escaped with minor injuries during the scuffle and immediately alerted the cops of her situation.

The police swung into action and nabbed the culprit days after viewing surveillance footage from nearby stores.

John Uda Steals womens Bra and Panties
Twitter / Houston County Sheriff's Office

The culprit, named John Thomas Uda aka John Uda, 27, was under police radar since 2019 after he was accused of stealing women's underwear from the community laundry room at his apartment complex.

The police raided Uda's home and found 400 pairs of stolen bra and panties of various women stashed in his cupboard. The police took a search warrant before breaking in to his home a day after the woman complained about sexual assault.

Uda is now charged with 50 counts of voyeurism, attempted rape, burglary, aggravated criminal surveillance among other charges, reports state and is being held in jail on a $1 million bond.

The police also state that Uda is charged with another burglary where he stole a gaming console after breaking in to a woman's house on July 1. The police have also charged Uda with two counts of illegal possession of a credit and debit card.

Dothan Police Lt. Scott Owens said the investigation began after the woman called 911 and responded to her call and surveyed her home. ''The victim alleged that a male intruder came in and that she and the suspect fought physically. She received minor injuries for which she received treatment at a local hospital,'' said Owens to the local media outlet Dothan Eagle.

Owens confirmed that Uda admitted to breaking in to the woman's home during questioning also admitted to breaking into a home on July 1 and stealing a gaming console in a separate incident. Owens said Uda sold the game console a few days after he stole it.

He added that Uda was previously confronted by the police in 2019 on complaints of stealing women's underwear but was not charged for his offence and the police had sent him a stern warning.