Police arrest woman for stripping in public during argument with cabby in Middle Road

Singapore woman remove cloths in the middle of a busy road on Thursday, October 24 and got arrested by police for committing the offence

Woman arrested after stripping off clothes
Woman arrested after stripping off clothes Facebook/ ROADS.sg

Police arrested a 31-year-old woman after she stripped in public during an argument in Middle Road on Thursday, October 24. A video of the incident which was posted online, captured the woman when she was taking off her clothes, including inner-garments.

The video showed the unnamed woman was chasing a man, who was wearing a red t-shirt. In the footage, it can be seen that the woman was tearing off her dress and her panties while shouting and pointing at the man. Soon another man, wearing a white t-shirt pulled her underwear and escorted the woman away from the scene.

The police were alerted and they reached the spot around 2.11 am on Thursday. The officers arrested the woman who stripped in public and started the whole chaos.

The video was published on the social media platform, Facebook, by ROADS.sg with a caption starting "Posting as video witness for taxi driver." The post stated that a witness had recorded the whole incident while heading towards home and suddenly heard the loud voice of the woman. The witness saw the woman was chasing a taxi driver "Throwing fists and handbag at him as he trying his best to protect himself."

The post added that "I decided to record It, In Case if he needs help on some evidence. End up, I only manage to capture this part. At least this video shows that the lady undress herself. But shouting and accusing the taxi driver and taking her clothes off...."

It should be noted that appearing naked in public view despite being within the confines of your own home is criminalised by section 27A of the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act (MOPONA). The section prescribes that: 1) any person who appears nude in a public place; or 2) in a private place and is exposed to public view is criminally liable.

The penalty may vary from a fine of maximum $2,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or both. It is even lawful that a police officer may enter your home without your (or the owner's) authority in order to arrest the offender.

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