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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to evolve Alolan Pokemons Nintendo

Avid Pokemon players on Nintendo 3DS are spending hours restarting Sun and Moon with the intent of finding better pocket monsters in the game while those who are at the verge of acquiring a few of those special ones are often caught wondering about the unique evolution requirements.

IBTimes SG explores a bunch of tips and tricks to help you understand the special evolution requirements for some rare Alolan monsters in Pokemon Sun and Moon:

  • Crabominable evolves from Crawbrawler when you level it up on top of Mount Lanakina.
  • Cubone will develop into (Alola) Marowak at level 28, during the night.
  • Exeggutor (Alola) can be evolved from Exeggute using a Leaf Stone, which can be bought on Akala Island.
  • Fomantis grows up into Lurantis when you reach level 34 in the day time.
  • Graveler can be grown into (Alola) Golem through trading, as usual.
  • Meowth will evolve into (Alola) Persian when it attains high happiness. It is possible to raise the happiness levels using a luxury ball to capture Meowth, winning battles or by giving the monster a massage in Konikoni city and feeding it with vitamins. Furthermore, one can check the Meowth's happiness levels in Konikoni city and increase its Happiness levels even further by giving it a Soothe Bell.
  • Ninetails (Alola) can be evolved from Vulpix using an Ice Stone, which is accessible in Ula'ula Island's Po Town.
  • Pikachu evolves into (Alola) Raichu using a Thunder Stone, which can be bought on Akala Island.
  • Rattata can be evolved into (Alola) Raticate at night, once the player has reached level 20.
  • Rockruff will grow into Lycanroc. Its form, however, depends on the game mode you are playing, wherein 'Midday form' appears in Sun and 'Midnight form' appears in Moon.
  • Sandshrew develops into (Alola) Sandslash using an Ice Stone, which can be acquired in Ula'ula Island's Po Town.
  • Salazzle can be developed from Salandit at level 33, but only if female.
  • Steenee transforms into Tsareena if it learns the move "Stomp" at level 29.
  • Along the lines of the Meowth, the Type: Null can be evolved into Silvally with High happiness. Happiness can be attained or increased by winning battles, offering massage or by feeding it vitamins. Adding a Soothe Bell to your Type: Null monster, will further boost its happiness levels.
  • Vikavolt can be evolved from Charjabug when you level it up at Vast Poni Canyon.
  • Yungoos turns into Gumshoos when you reach level 20, during the day.

Note: As some veteran Pokemon players explain, Refresh is tied to affection and should not be confused with happiness.

[Source: Kotaku]