Pokemon GO users losing Apple Music library content after switching Apple IDs: How to fix

Simple guide to restore your lost music content on Apple Music library after switching Apple IDs for illegally downloading Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO has become a phenomenal success in the mobile gaming industry as curious and restless gamers are finding unconventional ways to download and play the game even in locked regions wherein the augmented-reality gaming app is yet to release.

Several gamers have resorted to switching their Apple ID in order to download the Pokemon GO app via the App Store in disguise of a legitimate user and thereby losing all their stored music content from Apple Music libraries.

In other words, users are inadvertently losing saved songs from their Apple Music after signing out of their existing App Store account and logging in to a fake Apple ID for a supported country where the game is available for download. However, some industrious folks at The Telegraph have shared an intuitive guide to fix this issue with ease.

Here are a few of those tweets from disappointed Pokemon GO users who are repenting about their mistake driven by their frenzy to play the new augmented-reality game ahead of its official release in their country:

Users no longer need to painstakingly re-download Apple Music songs and albums, but just perform a couple of troubleshooting steps to fix the issue as outlined below:

  • Log out of your international Apple ID account and open the App Store's Featured tab. Then select your account name at the bottom and tap Sign Out when prompted.
  • Sign in to your older account which is registered with Apple Music and then tap Account in the app's top-left-hand corner. Enter your account details and hit the Sign In button.
  • Quit the Music app and navigate to Settings > Music and enable iCloud Music Library and then finally choose Merge when prompted.

In a matter of minutes, all your favourite songs and custom playlists will be restored into your Apple Music account via iCloud Music Library.