Pokemon GO update: How to fix 'Unable to Authenticate' error in iOS

DogeCoin founder reveals a simple fix to resolve Unable to Authenticate error in iOS after installing Pokemon GO 1.01 update.

Pokemon GO players on iOS with registered Trainer Club account are allegedly facing a strange 'Unable to Authenticate' error after installing the game's 1.01 update. On the contrary, those who opted to sign up for a Google account with existing credentials are not facing any such problems.

It seems some coding bug in the new 1.01 game update could be the root cause of this issue as the game reportedly fails to make a HTTP request to validate any log-in attempt. In a recent research on the app's sleep debug mode, Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer and a group of Reddit users have ascertained that the network call to invoke the log-in attempt on the Pokemon Trainer Club account does not even get processed by the app.

Gamers who are using a registered Google account for Pokemon GO are unaffected by the newly discovered bug in 1.01 update and they can proceed with installing the update if they haven't done so. However, it is recommended to skip the new app update until further notice from the developer regarding the app's limitations and functionality.

If you are among the affected users, here are a few simple steps to fix it (courtesy Palmer):

If you're still having issues, find the verification email in your inbox from Pokémon Trainers Club and click it again to reverify your account... if you don't have an email, try logging in on a desktop browser and it should put you through.

This article was first published on July 15, 2016