Pokemon GO update 1.23.1 for iOS and 0.53.1 for Android now live: Download links

Pokemon GO update v1.23.1 for iOS and v0.53.1 (APK) for Android is now officially available for download.

Pokemon GO December update
Pokemon GO 1.23.1/0.53.1 for iOS and Android now live Nintendo

Nintendo's popular augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO' has just received its first incremental update for the year 2017 across both iOS and Android platforms. The Pokemon GO v1.23.1 for iOS and v0.53.1 for Android are now available for download through ITunes App stores and Google Play Store respectively.

Although the update doesn't include any major feature changes, it brings minor UI improvements and feature enhancements to the gaming app on the Apple Watch, besides featuring a couple of notable bug fixes.

Apple Watch users will now see a visual notification whenever eggs are revealed, after a Trainer interacts with a Pokestop in the augmented world. In addition, the game developer Niantic has also improved the mechanism used to track the distance walked by Trainers in a bid to "better account for GPS drift."

The new Pokemon GO update also adds a few minor bug fixes to font and UI related issues to enhance the overall user experience in the game. Here is the complete official changelog for your reference:

Updated Apple Watch to display Eggs obtained from PokéStops

Changed distance tracking to better account for GPS drift

Minor text fixes

Interested users can go ahead and download the latest update on their iOS or Android device, using the links provided below:

Download Pokemon GO 1.23.1 for iOS (now officially available)

Download Pokemon GO 0.53.1 for Android (APK Mirror – verified link)

[Source: Pokemongolive]