Pokemon GO three-step glitch discovered: How to fix

Veterans of the community reveal a quick workaround to resolve the three-step glitch in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO players around the globe have been plagued with a new three-step glitch that makes tracking Pokemons tougher than normal. Several related reports on the internet suggest that the glitch is widespread and affects every Pokemon in the game wherein the 'Nearby' tab claims all the Pokemons around you are at a maximum distance or three steps away from you.

The problem with the three-step glitch is that you will no longer be able to distinguish the nearest from the farthest Pokemons and this could become a daunting task when you are hunting for the rarest or legendary Pokemons in Nintendo's newest augmented-reality game.

Popular game site Kotaku has also confirmed in its recent post that the glitch indeed affects all trainers in the game, regardless of their geographic location or player ranking. The only solace to gamers is that the game still permits you to catch some random Pokemons without the ability to track them from a distance.

The advent of three-step glitch will only add to the existing woes including overloaded servers, sluggish app or app crashes, and disappearing Gyms and PokeStops due to technical errors or server connection issues.

We could just hope that Nintendo will soon address this glitch along with a spate of other technical issues that are marring the Pokemon GO user experience, ahead of the global release.

Nevertheless, some veterans of the game have shared a workaround for this glitch to make the game playable. Here is what you should do:

  • Whenever you encounter this glitch, just exit the app.
  • Go to the location where the Pokemon was last seen as per the app's tracker report and then launch the Pokemon GO app again.

Note: Relaunching the app will refresh the map and location data for each Pokemon and there is a chance that servers might update it to the correct version.