Pokemon GO: How to find strongest Pokemons of each type

Comprehensive guide to collect strongest Pokemons of each type based on their Combat Power in Pokemon GO.

Nintendo's augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO' has been a runaway success in the mobile-gaming industry given its record-breaking ten million plus downloads till date. A part of the game's overwhelming success could be attributed to its real-world game set-pieces and locations that inspire players to explore new uncharted territories across the globe.

Pokemon GO brings 17 various kinds of Pokemon scattered all over the globe wherein each type offers a distinct set of strengths and weaknesses. So, it is imperative to know the strongest Pokemon in each type.

You must also note that Pokemons with similar water and fire elements are surrounding your location and hence you will find the same types of Pokemons spawning near your location.

Here is the complete list of strongest Pokemons of each type in the descending order (from highest to lowest Combat Power or CP) excluding the Legendary type:

Flying and Dragon Type: Dragonite (Max CP – 3500)

Dragonite is an extremely rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO and it has the highest CP compared to other Pokemons in the game. You need at least 100 Dragonair Candies to evolve Dragonite. You can hunt for those candies in Water area.

Normal Type: Snorlax (Max CP – 3112)

Snorlax is known to be the best Pokemon for Gym Defense as suggested by the veterans of the community who acquired him while using the 10k egg. Its maximum Combat Power or CP is 3112 points.

Fire Type: Arcanine (Max CP – 2983)

Arcanine is reportedly the strongest fire-type Pokemon in the game and it grows from Growlithe when exposed to a Fire Stone. Arcanine can be evolved or developed when you have at least 50 Growlith Candies in your inventory. It has a maximum CP of 2983 points.

Water Type: Lapras (Max CP – 2980)

Lapras is a dual-type Water/Ice Pokemon which can either be captured in your area through sheer luck or by hatching the 10k egg. You will need at least Trainer level 25 and Power Up skill to be maxed out before you could find a Lapras with high CP.

Grass Type: Exeggutor (Max CP – 2955)

Exeggutor is a dual type Grass/Psychic Pokemon and an ideal monster to defend the Gym after capturing it. It can be evolved and powered up from Exeggcute.

If you are lucky, you might find an Exeggcute spawning in your area or some surrounding locations early in the game.

Poison Type: Victreebel (Max CP – 2530)

Victreebel is the best Poison type Pokemon with highest CP and it can be evolved from Weepinbell. With at least 100 Bellsprout Candies you can evolve Weepinbell into Victreebel, which is also the strongest Gym Defence Pokemon.

Ground Type: Rhydon (Max CP – 2243)

Rhyhorns can be evolved using at least 50 candies to create the strongest Ground type Pokemon, Rhydon. Rhyhorns can be found near airports, railways and beaches.

Rock or Fossil Type: Aerodactyl (Max CP – 2165)

Aerodactyl is the fossil-type rare Pokemon in the game and it cannot be evolved any further like a Mega Aerodactyl in the main Pokemon series. It can be found when you hatch the 10k egg.

Ice Type: Dewgong (Max CP – 2145)

Dewgong is a rare Pokemon found in Water area and 5k egg. It is a dual-type Water/Ice Pokemon which grows from Seel.

With a snowy white and furry body, it is almost undetectable in snowy conditions. You will need to collect at least 50 Seel candies to evolve Dewgong.

Electric Type: Jolteon (Max CP – 2140)

Jolteon is the strongest Electric type Pokemon and it can be developed from Eevee when you rename its nickname as SPARKY on the info page. Jolteon can store negative ions in its fur and amplify electric charges generated by its cells.

You can find Eevee in big cities and also when you hatch a 10k egg.

Bug Type: Pinsir (Max CP – 2121)

Pinsir is the strongest bug-type Pokemon in the game and it can be found in open field, farm, forest, playground and parks in cities. If you cannot find them in your area, just try hatching one of the 10k eggs as it is a rare Pokemon.

Ghost Type: Gengar (Max CP – 2078)

Gengar is the best Ghost-type Pokemon from Kanto series and it's the final form of Gastly. Gengar can hide perfectly in the shadow of any object and achieve extreme stealth capabilities.

It can stay undetected for long when in stealth mode and can be mischievous at times.

Steel Type: Magneton (Max CP – 1879)

Magneton is a powerful Steel-type Pokemon which can be obtained early in the game by evolving Magnemite candies. You need at least 50 of these candies to develop the highest-CP Magnemite which can then be evolved into Magneton.

Psychic Type: Alakazam (Max CP – 1813)

Alakazam can be evolved as the final form of Abra and it's the strongest Psychic type of Pokemon in the game. The monster uses the Psychic powers to move its body and to hold its head in place as its muscles are too weak.

Its head cannot be supported or balanced on its neck as it is too heavy due to its constantly developing brain.

Fighting Type: Hitmonchan (Max CP – 1516)

Hitmonchan evolves as one of Tyrogue's final forms only if latter's defence is higher than its attack points. It is the best fighting-type Pokemon with highest Fighting CP in Pokemon GO.

Hitmonchan can be found only when you hatch a 10k egg. The other two types of Fighting Pokemons are Hitmonlee and Hitmontop.

Fairy Type: Mr. Mime (Max CP – 1494)

Mr. Mime is a dual-type Psychic/Fairy Pokemon which can be used for defence only. It is a fully evolved Pokemon from Mime Jr.

However, the game currently does not support Mime Jr and hence you can only find Mr. Mime with good CP.

[Source: Gamepur]