Singapore police urged the public to practise road safety on Friday as a huge number of Pokemon Go players continued to gather at the Hougang area.

The police said they had been noticing huge groups of players gathering at the vicinity of Neighbourhood 4 and Punggol Park.

In a Facebook advisory, the Hougang NPC posted: "As there were instances of public crossing roads (while chasing after Pokemon that appeared in their vicinity) without due regard for their own safety, we urge all to practise road safety i.e. ensure personal safety as well as the safety of other road users too."

They also requested the players to maintain proper cleanliness in the area and to dispose of their trash in garbage bins. The players were also asked to reduce noise levels at night to avoid creating disturbance for the other people living in the area.

Since the game was launched in Singapore, Block 401 at Hougang Avenue 10 and the nearby Punggol Park have been hugely popular among the players as several rare Pokemons were spotted there.

Apart from rare Pokemons, the three pokestops in the area also attracted the players.

But the residents living in the area seemed pretty unhappy due to late-night gatherings. Since then, police officers have been spotted patrolling the area frequently at night.