Pokemon GO Singapore: Newly-migrated Rare Pokemon spawning nests revealed for November update [Full List]

Pokemon GO community reveals fresh list of newly-migrated spawn nests for rare Pokemons in Singapore via Reddit.

Pokemon GO Singapore spawn nests
Pokemon GO Singapore: Newly-migrated Rare Pokemon spawn nests revealed for November update [Full List] pokemongogym.sg

Nintendo's smash-hit augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO' has received a fresh update to the list of newly-migrated spawn nests and locations in Singapore. Meanwhile, veteran Pokemon players have posted the fresh list of spawn locations for rare Pokemons via Reddit to help fellow users in their quest for hunting down the rarest Pokemons in the game.

A new Reddit thread titled 'Nest Location for sixth Migration' has been added to the popular 'PokemonGO_Singapore' section to enable avid Pokemons fans to discuss and share their personally verified list of migrated spawn locations for rare Pokemons in Singapore.

Note: This list has been updated to reflect the spawn-nest location changes made in real-time on the SilphRoad Map as well as the updated posts on Reddit.

Check out the complete list of migrated spawning nests for all rare Pokemons in Singapore (in alphabetical order):

  • [PSA] Eevee has been moved to 5k eggs
  • · Abra - ECP Zone F
  • Bellsprout - Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Exeggcute - West Coast Park(Mcdonald side)
  • Exeggcute - Pearl hill city park
  • · Electabuzz - Bukit Panjang Neighbourhood 5 Park
  • · Electabuzz - Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park West Side
  • Electabuzz – Upper Thomson side of BishanAMK Park
  • Geodude - Changi Beach
  • Growlithe at Beauty World
  • · Jigglypuff - AMK Town Garden East
  • · Jynx at ECP Zone D
  • · Jynx at Ang Mo Kio 3 Park (near to CTE)
  • Kabuto at Gardens by the Bay
  • Omanyte - NSRCC / ECP carpark H
  • Omanyte – NUS UTown Town Green
  • Machop - Woodlands st 13 (Grace Assembly of God)
  • Machop - Tanah Merah CC Garden course
  • Magmar - Lawn @ Marina Bay or MBFC - need clarification
  • Mankey - Bukit Batok Nature Park
  • Mankey - Woodland Waterway Park.
  • Nidoran-F - Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West
  • Ponyta - Jurong West ST 62
  • · Rhyhorn - Pasir Ris Park (Central Plaza side) small nest
  • Rhyhorn - Tamp Central Park 5 per hour
  • · Rhyhorn - Marina Bay MRT
  • · Scyther - USS(inside)
  • · Squirtle - ECP Zone E Ski park
  • · Squirtle - Bedok Reservoir
  • Vulpix - SunPlaza Park 5-8 per hour

Note: The ones which are highlighted in bold have been double checked and confirmed.

Here is another fresh list of spawn locations wherein you can find some of the rarest of Pokemons like Chansey, Lapras and Porygon, which is updated on the real-time map by an avid Pokemon fan:

Aerodactyl (3 locations)

1) Area around MINDEF

2) Area around Alexandar Retail Centre (ARC) and Mapletree Business Centre (MBC)

3) Area around Suntec City and Millienia Walk

  • First location points to Pavillion Place along Bukit Batok Road, Hillview area and Pheonix LRT area
  • Second location is near MBC or ARC itself
  • Third location is near Millenia Walk Taxi Stand area, Suntec City Fountain Of Wealth

Porygon– It mainly spawns near Novena MRT Area Little India MRT Area, Bugis Area, Marine Parade and Raffles Place MRT Area

The rest of the super-rare Pokemons can be found at the following five Hotspots.

1) Woodlands Waterfront

2) Changi Village

3) Near Sembwang Mrt, Sembwang Park, Senoko South area

4) Sentosa

5) Marina Bay Sand (MBS)

Chansey mainly appears at three locations:

1) Resort world sentosa area (RWS)

2) Siloso Beach

3) Sentosa Cove Entrance Roundabout

Lapras was spotted at four locations:

1) Siloso beach

2) Sentosa Cove Entrance Roundabout

3) Sentosa waterfront where the performance stage is

4) Palawan Beach