Pokemon Go: Singapore government to monitor impact of the game on society

Yaacob Ibrahim, the Minister for Communications and Information says the government they will study the game very carefully.

The Singapore government has said that it will closely monitor the social impact of the new mobile phone game Pokémon Go which has recently taken the world by storm.

This statement was released by the government prior to the game's launch in the country.

The Nintendo's augmented reality app, using the smartphone satellite location, allows the players to "see" virtual Pokemon characters as they view their surroundings through their phone cameras.


This hunt for the characters has caused problems in several countries in terms of criminal trespass to traffic accidents. Recently, Indonesian officials have even called the game a security threat, while some in Egypt and Russia have claimed that the game is a plot by spy agencies.

Last Friday, Pokémon Go was launched in Japan and it has already issued a safety guide warning of heat stroke, dubious strangers and other risks.


In response to the security questions of Singapore, Yaacob Ibrahim, the Minister for Communications and Information said on Sunday that the government will study the game very carefully. He stressed that authorities will make sure it doesn't harm the lifestyle of the people.

"We will monitor the situation, how this particular game is being played and...its impact on society," Dr. Yaacob told The Straits Times.

He added, "And if it's really something which we should be concerned about, I think MDA (the Media Development Authority) will definitely decide on what are the things we can do best, if the game is really needed here, how... we can do it in such a way that it becomes a win-win situation."

At present, the game is officially available in more than 35 countries.